Cyrus Release Android Tablet Digital Quran

Cyrus collaborated with Telkomsel to bring bundling Android tablets are specially designed to welcome Ramadan and Eid 2013. Tablet, named Love Quran TV 3G Tab offers learning solutions for digital Al-Quran.

In a statement received detikINET, Friday (21/06/2013), Love Quran TV 3G Tab is equipped with 1 GHz processor, 4GB internal memory, GPS, 5 MP camera, analog TV with TV recording feature, and 5,000 mAh battery.

"Presence of Love Quran TV 3G Tab is one form of consistency and concern for the Muslim community Telkomsel in Indonesia," said Head of Community Management Group Suryo Hadiyanto.

Love Quran TV 3G Tab is also packed with Android-based application output Mizan, where users can enjoy the following features as described by the Director of Business Development and Partner Communications archipelago, Redi Sopyadi.

My Quran. Digital quran translation feature, recitation, recitations, prayers and Quran khatam program.

Muslim Daily. Various auxiliary facilities daily practice of Islam such as prayer schedule and Qibla direction.

Roaming Quran. To know the name of the game along with the order of 114 suras, meaning and makiyyah madaniyahnya.

Taqhoma. Learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet in a fun way through games hijaiyah musical.

Melody Quran. Interactive applications to learn to understand the content of a short letter through song.

Quran Dictionary. Learn important vocabulary in the Al-Quran through charades game while learning English.

Animals stories. Animal stories are told in the Qur'an is packaged in an attractive interactive applications.

Thematic Quran Index. Al-Quran index application are compiled with the thematic structure that is easy to understand.

Hum segue For My Country. Senandung collection segue from the latest album "Senandung segue For My Country" by Haddad Alwi.

This Android tablet is packed with inaugural Simpati card with a capacity of 2 GB of data per month for six months for USD 50,000. Love Quran TV 3G Tab is priced at Rp 2.1 million.

"For the first thousand buyers through / cyrus, consumers will get a special price of Rp 1.9 million," said Suryo.